Return Policy

If you are not satisfied with your received product(s) and want return & refund/exchange, then following policy will be applicable.

Complaint Period :

  • If you receive any damaged, defective or wrong product(s) and want to return and get refund or exchange that product(s), you must complaint it to us within 24 hours of receipt.

Condition of Return/Exchange :  

  • If you think, the color tone of your purchased product(s) is not appropriate compared to what you saw on our website, it may be due to light reflection during product photography. In such cases, return/exchange is not granted.
  • Received product will not be exchanged if it seems heavier or lighter, larger or smaller than what you expected.
  • You may ask for exchange for transitional damage of the product(s).  But if it is easily fixable at home, then it will not be exchanged or granted as a return.

If you need any further assistance, mail us at