About Us


Welcome to the world of DGlobal Fashions
I’m Hina Kausar, Owner of DGlobal Fashions. I’m a certified Scrum Master and Product Owner and also mother of a little boy . Although I was a home maker for few years taking care of my family, but my passion for jewelry/Clothes inspired me to start a career in the world of fashion with” DGlobal Fashions”.
As it’s truly said “Strength comes from Struggle”. Over the years I’ve learnt that the circumstances decide who you are or who you can be. My ultimate goal is to provide a hand pick medley of upcoming labels and my own creations for the modern woman.
Hoping that you’ll definitely admire the eye-catching designs brought for you, have a look at our online store for full collection of jewelry accessories and clothing.

Why choose us:
1. Commitment
2. Loyalty
3. Customer Satisfaction
4. Quality over quantity
5. Reasonable prices
For any product/shipping enquiry, you can directly reach out to me on whatsapp, just click here.